Advertise B&B (Bed and Breakfast) Hotel Guest House and Inn Advertising Marketing and Promotion

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Advertise B&B (Bed and Breakfast) Hotel Guest House and Inn Advertising Marketing and Promotion

Please read below five good reasons why you need to advertise on our site - and why you cannot lose! have the Premier Web Site address - We do what our name says.

We registered back in 1999. It is a great name for SEO and Google Placement.

Many directories have extremely long, hyphenated or meaningless names. Our customers know exactly what we do by instantly looking at our name, and they know where to find us in the future.

Fair pricing and full customer data.

In the modern age of commission based sales that hits hard at your bottom line you will find our pricing model a breath of fresh air. We don't charge commission, just a simple per-click price.

We don't hide the customer from you either, we send them directly to your own website or give them your phone number. This way you can build your own customer base for remarketing and promotion.

Our Web Site looks professional - compare it with other Bed and Breakfast Directory sites.

We have revamped the site and listened to our customers demands. We've introduced the new, clean, fast loading site to aid customer navigation. We were the first mainstream UK web site to introduce Google Maps.

How can we prove how much business we are creating for you?

We have a unique 'click tracker' which tracks and informs you of the number of viewings or 'hits' your listing is receiving.  A report is viewable whenever you log in to your account.

And the clincher....If we don't get any business for you - it costs you NOTHING!

When you join we give you ZAR10 worth of credits. Every time someone requests your details or we transfer them to your web site it costs you 1 credit. So you get to try before you buy.

Sign up, see how it goes with the free credit. If you want to continue to advertise when your Credits have expired we will send you a link and you can pay via credit/debit card or cheque.

No hassle, No commitment. Sign up now

For more information and a walkthrough of the Account try Help

Or check the complete price list for discounts on larger Credit Packs


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